Monday, January 10, 2011

Fast Forward

So, it's been almost a week again since I've posted here.  And those who see me on Facebook, also know I haven't been busy much there this week either.
I think mostly it's been a lack of motivation more than anything.  I must admit, most of the week has been pretty uneventful.  I am trying to find more things I want to talk about, not just report on my daily life, as well, that's pretty routine around here most days.
Anyhow, nothing too exciting happened over the week.  We did have some really nice snow on Friday.  Of course, with Gak working all day Wednesday and me deciding to drive the boys in Friday morning, my work schedule was all out of wack, and therefore I didn't get to the gym as I thought I would.  We'll see how my "schedule" works this week.  As it turns out, I could have let the boys walk.  They were calling for the snow to be done falling by about noon, and sure enough, by 11 it had stopped.  Of course, if I'd let them walk, we'd have had a blizzard...

Anyhow, as usual, the weekend is where the fun was.  We're still not quite back on to our "normal" schedule for Saturdays, and won't be for at least another week, but it was a bit closer.  I didn't want to do the laundry Saturday morning and Boo said to do it Sunday, so I said OK.  We dropped Gak off at work, did a few minor errands and then came home for a bit.  I was a bit of a bad momma and plopped Boo down in front of a Caillou episode.  But I had an ulterior motive.  You see, the evening before, I'd picked up a really neat mitten pattern and some cool fabric for Boo.  His hands are so tiny and his mittens so thick and big and he just doesn't quite get how to stick his thumb in the thumb, that I wanted to make him a pair or two that would work better.  Like I said, I found a really cool pattern.  I was just going to trace his hand, add some wiggle room and a seam allowance and a bit for a cuff and wing it and use some elastic to hold them on, but there was this neat pattern for baby/toddler mittens that are pretty open and wrap around their wrist and velcro close.  Yep, worth every cent.  (I'm even thinking of taking the pattern to the copier and make it big enough for me.  I know I'll have to make some adjustments, but that's OK, I can figure it out.)  So, in slightly longer than it took Boo to watch an entire Caillou episode, I whipped up his first pair of mittens.  Not perfect, but they work and were a great learning experience.
After that we met up with everyone at bowling as they were finishing and then had lunch together.  That's back to our normal Saturday.  I enjoy these little gatherings.  After that it was nap time (and time for me to make a second, better pair of mittens).
I had to wake Boo up to go pick up his Poppa.  After that we then headed to Kat's.  Boo and Zoe went playing in the snow.  My camera wasn't cooperating so I don't have any good pictures, just one I took with my phone.  Anyhow, Boo loved Zoe's red disk sled and had a lot of fun, willingly going down the hill by himself.  (He actually didn't want to go on the sled with Zoe, which is kinda funny, but typical for Boo.)
After the kids were done playing, we all head back into town to meet up with Steve and company for dinner. Well, it turns out everyone was going to go to the Philadelphia Wings lacrosse home opener.  Gak and I hadn't known about it.  At any rate, Boo and I decided to go (which meant Scott didn't have to drive) and Gak went home for an evening alone.  Gak said he'd gladly bring the boy home if I wanted to go, but I decided to take him with me.  Yes, he was up a good 2 hours past his bed time, but I had a feeling he'd do OK at the lacrosse game, and I was right.
We all had a great time hanging out.  My boy was quite the mooch though.  I stole some of Rachel's cotton candy and once he tried it, he couldn't get enough from her or Joce.  He also managed to mooch water ice off the girls too.  It's a good thing he's cute!  It was a good game, at least the first quarter.  After that the Wings fell apart and Boston won.  Indoor lacrosse is a fun game to watch, especially since they keep the tunes rocking the entire time.  We may have to do this again sometime.

Sunday was pretty uneventful.  We ended up not getting together with anyone for the Eagles game.  Which is good, as the birds totally fell apart.  I gave up actively watching after the first quarter, and fixed dinner, and by half time I gave up on the game for good and we watched The Muppet Movie instead.  (Much more enjoyable, I'd forgotten exactly who all made appearances in that movie.)

Anyhow, I've got to wrap this up.  If you want more pictures, go check Flickr.

Peace to all and may your unplanned adventures be fun.

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