Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

The last few days have been enjoyable. Friday, Boo and I spent all day at home together in our PJ's while Poppa worked from 9-3 and then got two new tires for the truck. Amazingly enough, including the "free" oil change, it came in at the first quote we got, which was about $30 less than the second quote for "if you want the oil change...". And Gak was in and out in very short order. I mean, I'm not thrilled at having to put almost $300 into the truck, but I needed to. This just means that I have no money to spend on my honey this holiday, but I'm sure he'll appreciate the truck being able to stop and not slide all over the road in icky weather. I know I will.
Saturday was a good day and a very good evening. Gak had to work his normal and then we had some friends over in the evening. I'm not sure who all was originally supposed to come over, but we had Kat and Scott and Zoe as well as Joan and Ant and Mel! Yep, Mel's out of the hospital. She got out Thanksgiving morning. Actually, I think I said that in my last post, but I'm too tired to look it up. Anyhow, she seems to be doing well and is very glad to be home again. She's not too happy with her meds, she says they're making her really tired. I can tell she's still worrying and stressing a lot, but I hope she realizes (and I think she just might) that these are big problems and that she can't tackle them all by herself and that there are lots of people who love her and want to help her. We'll see though. It ended up being quite a late (for me) evening, especially as I'd been up early and my sleeping has been worse than usual recently. (Can I tell you I'm so tired of waking up tired and cranky?? I know Gak's tired of it too....)
Anyhow, today Boo and I headed down to Am-ma's and PopPop's for the day. The goal was for Am-ma and I to make most, if not all, of the kids in the extended family's Christmas presents. No, I'm not going to tell you what they are this year, it's a surprise silly! Anyhow, we got 4 out of the 5 made and the 5th one is ready to go. I also got some work done on Michelle's present too. Other than a few more things on Boo's wishlist that we're going to get him and trying to figure out something cheap but wanted for my dear, sweet, wonderful husband, I think I've got things well in hand. Of course, I'm leaving his mom, brother and sister-in-law up to Gak. Oh, wait, I just remembered I have no clue what to do for my brother, Becca or my parents. Oh well. I'm sure I'll come up with something. I've got time. And if you're reading this, it won't be very expensive, but I hope you enjoy whatever I come up with. No, Becca, it probably won't be another scarf, even though you've enjoyed the last two, I think I need to find something a little more creative. *grin*
Anyhow, I just thought I'd ramble on and wrap up the vacation posts. I'm back to work tomorrow, bright and early. I really don't want to go back to work, but, in a way, I'm ready for vacation to be over. Don't get me wrong, I love my boy and love spending lots of time with him, but I either need to have enough time to have a regular routine of activities or whatever, or something part time to get me out of the house.
All I know is that on Tuesday when he goes back to day care, the wonderful ladies will be less than thrilled with his nap schedule. He's napped very well for me this past week, but usually either a short nap mid-morning and a long one in the afternoon, or a 2 to 2.5 hour one from about 11-1 or 1:30. Unfortunately, this will not work with his normal schedule. This isn't going to be pretty. At least he "graduates" into the "toddler" age group and the cost will go down by about $50 a week. That'll come in handy. He's not actually changing rooms yet, as there are only two actual "rooms" where he's at and the preschool age kids are in the upstairs room and the infants and toddlers are downstairs. There are only 2 babies at the moment, so most of the "infants" are soon to be "toddlers" so they're all staying together.
Ok. I'm totally rambling now. I'd better wrap this up and pour myself into bed so I can wake up in the morning.

Peace to all and may your vacations be good and the gatherings fun.

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