Thursday, November 05, 2009

Odds and Ends

Well, I was hoping to have a lot to write and say today, but nope. Not much. I do have this adorable picture of Boo "reading" the insert from his Little Leapster (which we've never really used "right") while sitting on his dragon. He really loves this dragon and will sit, lay or bounce on him all the time.
My little guy is definitely getting more adventurous. He's an expert at climbing into and out of the rocking chair and the sofa and has added climbing onto the living room table as well. I really like the fact that he's exploring, but nope, no climbing on the living room table little man.
I also hope that my hard drive isn't dying. I thought it might be the fan, but now I'm not so sure. The other night I had to shut down the computer (something I'm notoriously bad about not doing most of the time) because something had crashed and I figured the whole thing needed a fresh start anyhow. Well, it came back up making a horrible racket. It sounded like the fan was out of balance or something. It kept this racket up the entire time I had it on. I shut down at the end of the evening and then yesterday when I booted it, it only made the noise for a little while and became my nice quiet beast again, so I left it on. Yes, I feel air flow, I'm just trying to figure out if it's the same or less than usual. I think this thing has 3 different fans in it. Anyhow, this morning when I nudged it out of power save mode, it started making the racket again, but has stopped. This has me thinking hard drive.
I so can't afford to replace a hard drive.
I so don't have a current backup. Luckily almost all of my edited photos are up on flickr and all the raw photos are still on the memory card and I have last year's photo backups. The only big thing I'd really loose would be my EQII settings and some bookmarks. I can live with that. I don't keep my finances on here, and my blog posts are kept on the blogger server once they're posted. There are a few that I wrote but never posted (thought better of it), so I'll back those up tonight. Ugh. I so don't need to rebuild a computer. I was just thinking that in another 2-3 years (this one is 3 years old already) that it would be time to upgrade. That way I'd miss Vista entirely and maybe by then 7 or whatever it is won't be hated by the computer using populace and there will be a decent PC OS. Sure, I'd love to switch to a Mac, but.... I love my EQII too much and I'm not sure I can afford a Mac. *sigh*

Anyhow, I'm now running late for work. I've been trying to keep my nose extra clean this week (and I'm not sure it's working) because well... I've been a slacker and it shows.... I have over 3 years of bad habits that set in because my former boss didn't care and wasn't involved, so I got lazy. Damn if this hasn't been a bitch to overcome. I'm no where near my old "fighting form" and it sucks. Being lazy is so much easier, but working your tail off is so much more rewarding.

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