Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Preview?

Suddenly the East Coast has found itself in the middle of a summer heatwave.  Despite the fact that it's over 80 in the house at the moment with all the windows open and the fans going, I'm actually enjoying it.  That's because it's not raining.
Anyhow, I'm just going to skip last week other than to say that Boo is getting bigger and stronger by the minute.  He's crawling like a pro now.  Last Sunday we'd installed a gate across the hallway between the living room and the dinning room.  It is a nice one that stays up all the time and has a gate in it.  I guess you'd call it more of a fence rather than just a gate.
The real interesting part of the week was actually the weekend.  All I know is that they're waaaay too short.  There are too many fun things to do and no where near enough time.  Especially when you have an almost 11-month old (eep!) and my friends.  As Gak likes to say, if we ever got organized, God help the world.
Saturday was filled with laundry and errands and then we went over to Kat's house after Gak got off work.  Mel and Ant were visiting and Kat needed to get ready for Zoe's 8th (double eep!) birthday party the next day.  We hung out and got a few things together and talked.  We also had the first camp fire of the season.  That was great.  Boo got to have a real adventure and actually got to sit in the grass and fall asleep in his playpen under the stars.  I hope he gets to fall asleep under the stars many, many, many more times in the future.  It was a good evening overall.
Sunday was so much fun, even if it was a bit on the blindingly hot and sunny end of the scale.  We went up to Knoebels.  It was opening weekend and such a gorgeous weekend it was.  It was very crowded and that was nice to see.  I just wish the trees had a few more leaves on them.
I didn't get a chance to take Boo on any of the rides.  I wanted to go on the trains, but we ran out of time when Boo was awake and happy boy and the rides were open.  He did very well even if he was very warm.  He did spend about an hour happily sucking down an ice filled sippy cup with some juice in it and playing in the playpen in the shade.
Mind you, I already loved Knoebels before we went up there this time.  I now love them even more.  I've always said they're the most family friendly park I know and this proves it.  They actually have two or three different locations of Mother's Nursing Rooms throughout the park.  Boo and I took advantage of that twice yesterday.  They're very clean, nicely decorated, with a changing table and nice glider in a small individual room that closes and the door locks.  No sharing with a couple of moms all trying to get their kiddos clean and fed.  A little privacy, a little cool air and a comfortable place to boot.  I know you won't find that at most amusement parks I know of... other than Disney, but I've heard they aren't really all that convenient.
I do have a handful of pictures to post, but they're still on the camera and the camera is in the diaper bag.  The diaper bag happens to still be in the car and Gak has the car at Warhammer tonight.  Oh well... look for them soon.  My boy is getting way too big way too fast.  I just hope the weather is nice Friday (although it's not looking like it...) so we can get outdoor Dragon photos.
Anyhow, it's almost 9 and I'd better wrap this up.  I hope the rest of the week goes well, but I'm not holding my breath.

Peace to all and may your weekends be beautiful and full of friends and family and good times.

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