Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Day

Well, today is the last day of reporting month.  I hope it goes well.  I hope we get everything done.
I personally feel like Boo in this picture.  Exhausted and wanting a nap.  (This was from Sunday at Knoebels.)
George and Bill were going to pull an all-nighter to try and get everything resolved.  I could have easily stayed quite late as well to get things done.  (Especially since I have some West Coast cases and it was still early yet for them...)  Fortunately or unfortunately, I had to come home and get Boo.  This is one of those times that I don't think I'd be happy with my decision whichever I make.  I feel bad that I left so much work for George and Bill, but Gak can't get Boo until 7 and no one else has a baby car seat and I hadn't asked anyone earlier and hate springing stuff like this on people.  If I'd been able to say, I would have felt bad because I had gone in early (there by 7) and hadn't seen my boy awake in the morning and wouldn't see him awake in the evening.  The boy needs his Momma, at least for a little bit, each day.  Not to mention his Momma needs her boy at least a little bit each day.

Anyhow, the heat wave that hit us the end of last week finally broke yesterday.  There was a little rain overnight and we went from a really warm almost 90 to a quite comfortable 65.  Yes, it was almost a 30 degree change overnight.  Talk about a shock to the system.

Well, I'd better go get my butt in the shower.  There are a handful of pictures up on Flickr from the weekend.  Go, enjoy them.  It was an enjoyable day for us.  Maybe we'll go back near the end of the season if the weather cools off a bit.  I think Boo would enjoy it with fewer people in our group (so a tad less chaos) and a little cooler.  He loves watching people and there are a couple of little rides that I think he'd enjoy too. 

Off to hit the showers and get back to the battle lines.  No, it's not as dangerous to life and limb as what Steve does (who gets deployed back to Iraq later this summer/early fall for another year) but it's a battle in it's own rights.  And, I like to think I help protect us... from breathing nasty air if nothing else.

Peace to all and may your weekends be good and your work not feel like a battle.


Chelsea said...

Normally I don't think babies really look like anybody, but he really reminds me of Jim, there.

Addey said...

Most people say he looks like Jim. There are a few times he looks just like me, but mostly he tends to look more like his papa.