Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I'm tired!!
Last week in KC wrapped up well. I still wanted to throttle that one guy, but I managed not to. I did get me some good barbecue. Gates, a family tradition. I even remembered to pick up some sauce to bring home to my husband and my father. (It was a very convenient father's day gift for my dad.)
This weekend was moving weekend. Verizon is painful. They got the move order almost right (they shut off the old phone about 5 days before turning on the new phone), but the lost my DSL order. Lost it. It was placed online at the same time as the move order. It was even listed on the order summary and bill summary. It wasn't in their system at all. *sigh* I finally sorted that out Friday and within the week we should have the DSL turned on.
Why do I have to move into 2nd floor apartments? I'm tired of carrying things up and down stairs. Especially the steep stairs at the new place. At least all the furniture is in now. The bed is being set up as I type. My husband is there overseeing it now. It will be so very nice to have a queen size bed again.
Tomorrow I leave for LA. It's going to be a looong couple of days. I leave here 6am Eastern and end up finishing for the day 7pm Pacific. That's because after an 8 hour day traveling, I'm doing a 4 hour day of training. Then Thursday will be about a 12 hour day training. Friday is a 10 hour day flying home.
Oh, yeah... and I've got to go clean the old apartment and finish unpacking the new apartment over the weekend.
I must be nuts!
Well, peace to all my friends in Norrath. I hope you get more sleep that I do the next few weeks.


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