Tuesday, June 13, 2006

KC part II

Today was a loooong day. I have a good group of people. Mostly. One guy I want to strangle, or at least kick out of the class. I can't do that though, he paid good money to be here.
The number of people in the class push the limits of my demo system. Most people in the class understand and accept this. One jerk (who's clueless and obnoxious to boot) doesn't. I was much relieved to find out I wasn't the only one who was close to strangling him today.
Other than that.... Today was good, if long. I'm not looking forward to the highly technical and in-depth stuff for tomorrow. I'll take it as it comes. I'm still amazed at how pretty KC can be. It really seems misplaced. It feels almost like a small eastern city. I know driving around it feels more like Philly than a western town. It's WAY too easy to get turned around and lost and faced with a one-way street going the wrong way!
Gak tells me the move goes well. Hopefully we'll have both a bed and telephone by the end of tomorrow. That'll be nice.
Well, I've got a ton of email to check yet this evening and I'm beat.
See you soon in Norrath I hope.
Peace to all.

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