Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Adventures in Moving...

Subtitle: Patience is a virtue...
Well, Gak and I started our moving adventure this weekend. Saturday I spent a lot of time finding socks under the couch and trash everywhere else. I didn't know we owned this much junk! Everything still isn't packed...
Sunday I took some time to go running (haha) in the woods. Great course, not too tough so I guess I just didn't push myself. My pace was almost the worst ever for me this summer, but I didn't make very many mistakes and it was short. Gak got some game time in. We went over to the new place in the evening. Took a load of packed boxes too. Saw that the landlord had dropped off paint and primer and supplies. Found out the back air conditioner didn't turn on. Called about that.
Monday was a full day. More boxes went over to the new place and Gak got ready to start painting. I went and worked out and did the laundry. We met my mom for breakfast at 10:30 at the dinner. Went back to the new place to show Mom. Found out that the primer is oil-based and the paint is latex. Uhh.... I didn't think you could do that..... Also figured out that the sink in the kitchen needs help.
Gak went in to work and Mom and I went to work on the kitchen at the old apartment. My friend Ed joined us, which is good because he can haul boxes.
After a long day of packing and hauling, it turns out that I've got a house full of 8 people who are hungry. Ok. First gathering at the new place. Hotdogs and hamburgers on my new George Forman grill (the big one!). The two kids had a blast together and us big people got a chance to hang out.
Gak called the landlord today. She said that the paint people told her this is what she needed. I'm still doubtful (as is everyone else I talk to) so I'm going to talk to them tonight. The landlord is bringing a plumber by this evening to fix the sink.
Patience and persistence... I just want to get this done. I feel bad that we've had to call our landlord so many times this week with problems and questions. Oh well, guess that's what we get for wanting to move in so quick... Blame that one on my travel schedule.
Peace to all. Some day I'll get a chance to sleep... in my new big apartment!

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