Monday, June 12, 2006

Kansas City

Subtitle: Why, oh why, didn't I pack my camera??

The flight to KC yesterday was uneventful. It did take quite a while to get my bag at the airport, but that's one reason I fly in on Sunday for these week-long gigs.

I'm staying right off of what is known as Country Club Plaza. It is a very historical shopping and dining area in KC. I spent quite some time wandering around yesterday. Found a band playing in a plaza and stopped and listened for a bit, while watching kids play in a fountain. Then it hit me... I didn't have my camera! Why in the world didn't I bring my camera to KC?? I know for a fact there are tons of fountains, parks, plazas and buildings that are great photo subjects. I have examples hanging up and stored at my parent's house and shop. Chalk this up to a HUGE well DUH moment.
I enjoyed wandering around and just people watching. It is so much fun to watch little kids (and not so little kids...) play in the fountains. I just wish Gak was here with me. I know he wishes he was here instead of moving. Oh well, maybe if/when I come back here next year he'll be able to come with me.
Well, I've got some stuff to get done before my class shows up. Peace to all.

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