Saturday, May 05, 2012


Well, so much for getting May off to a great blogging start.  Didn't happen.  It is a combination of not much happening and not much to say in general.

Work was work this week.  It was a bit of a challenge to keep plowing through, but I managed to have an OK week.  The bright spot was that I had a half-day vacation day yesterday.

Yep, I actually took a half a vacation day.  Of course, I didn't get to totally just goof off.  Nope, it was so Kat and I could get ready for our camping overnight today.  I'm sure I mentioned it before, but today is Scout Day at Knoebel's and we're taking the troop.  We're also going camping overnight.  We decided on only one night for a variety of reasons.  I'm kinda glad we did.  Sure, I'd love to have gone for the entire weekend, but with my schedule as it is, I would have had to take an entire vacation day yesterday just so we could leave at a decent time yesterday!

So, yesterday afternoon was laundry and running around with Kat buying groceries for the trip and more laundry and more groceries and getting a boy-o from daycare in there somewhere as well.  I think we're just about ready to roll.

And yes, I'm glad we didn't go last night because there was a pretty strong string of thunderstorms that rolled through last night.  I wouldn't really want to spend the next two days damp.  Yes, I'm a wuss these days, but I've done my fair share of camping in the wet.  Remember our trip to DC last August?  Yeah.  (I'm sure I'll do my fair share of camping in the wet yet to come, I'm just glad when I don't have to! *laugh*)

Last night was also the night we picked up Boo's soccer uniform.  Yep, that's right, Boo wanted to play soccer this summer.  Actually, I asked if he wanted to play and he said "Ok!".  His team is the Huston Dynamo and their uniforms are bright orange shirts and black shorts.  I'm sure he'll be adorable in it and you know I'll be posting pictures.  We didn't get pictures last night, but I will.  His first "game" is supposed to be today, but he won't be there because of our trip and the fact that Gak has to work.  It's OK, it's only 4-5 year-old intermurrals, not high-school travel team soccer.  If he enjoys this season, we'll see if he wants to play again, if not, I still say it'll be a well spent $90, just for the exposure and the chance to try.  (Actually, it's only $65 because I get $25 back in Red Robin gift cards, and it's not like we don't enjoy eating there to begin with...)

So, I have an awake boy and last minute things to get done, like breakfast.  Oh, I did upload the rest of the April photos to Flickr, including Zoe's party last Saturday.  Enjoy!

Peace to all and may your camping adventures be fun!

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