Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well, I seem to have let another week (almost) pass me by without making a peep at all over here.  Actually, I haven't made much of a peep anywhere I hang out virtually or not.

And no, I won't have any pictures with this update because it's 8:30 already and all the pics I want to add are still on the camera and if I wait until I get them onto the computer, I'll never get a post done tonight.

Sorry about the interruption... I guess I should fill everyone in on what's been going on.  I'm sure I'll leave a lot of stuff out and I just don't have anything really profound to say (although there are a few ideas bumping around in response to some things I've read, but they're too busy bumping around to settle down and type themselves out onto my computer... silly ideas).

No, can I finally get this post started?  Let's try this again.

I guess I'll update about my health first.  I was good and took my vitamin D all last week, even over the weekend.  I spent most of the day Saturday outside in the wonderful sunshine and got more sun on Sunday.  (My almost mid-summer tan arms prove this... I'll get to that in a bit)  The all out bone-tired exhaustion I had been feeling is lifting quite a bit.  I'm not sleeping like a rock anymore.  Actually, my stress induced insomnia is back in bits.  Yeah, that's not helping, I know.  I'm not quite mind-numbingly exhausted, just somewhere between worn out and tired.
I had a vacation day yesterday (more on that in a bit, too).  Unfortunately, I left my vitamins at work, so I didn't get my morning dose.  I did, however, spend most of the morning outside.  It didn't help.  It didn't help that it was mostly grey and threatening to rain a bit now and again.  Today my mind was almost as foggy as a week ago.  So, I'm guessing the vitamins really are doing something, but I still wish I knew why my levels seem to fall through the floor at the drop of a hat.  I mean, I've been getting way, way, way more sun than a lot of people I know, and my levels just won't stay where they should be.  *shrug*  Maybe I'll get some more answers in a few weeks.

On to the fun stuff!  (See, I told you I'd get there in a bit...)

So, Saturday was one of the most perfect weather days we've had in a while, and we've been blessed to have several in recent memory.
Saturday was Boo's second (third for the team) soccer game.  It didn't go much better than last week.  Both his coaches and I tried to gently get him to participate, but as long as he can just kick the ball around on his own, he's pretty happy.  Once it becomes organized, not so much.  It's hard for me to be patient, but I'm trying.  I'm trying not to give him grief for not participating.  I'm not sure how well I'm doing, but I haven't yelled at him about it (which would make me feel way worse than just about anything).  I mutter and I grumble and I vent to friends, but mostly I remind myself that he's my watcher boy and he'll do it on his own terms at his own time and not a second earlier.  So there!

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that we rode the bike over to the field.  Yep, we let Gak have the truck and Boo and I were on the bike.  So, see, even more sun!  And exercise!

Anyhow, after soccer wrapped up, we rode "downtown" to Art's Alive.  We wandered around there for a bit.  Mostly I spent money on food.  Boo wanted a yummy sugar cookie.  I got an awesome apple fritter (that I am always looking forward to) from Karlton Kafe, and yes, it was as yummy as ever.  We shared a lemonade as well.  I wandered down to the Quakertown Neighborhood Association booth.  My friend organized this group to try and get more "community" in our community.  Unfortunately, I can't help them out much because they meet Tuesdays, as do my Scouts.  Anyhow, they ran a photo contest.  I didn't win.  The contest was for pictures of "Spring in Quakertown".  My friends said they really, really wanted to vote for mine, but since they knew me, they weren't allowed to.  Bummer.  It was a great pic of Boo from when we had that picnic last month at the park.  You can't get much more "Quakertown" than that, unless it involves Sines or some other obvious landmark.  (The prize was a nice new Olympus DSLR, which is amazing since it didn't cost anything to enter!  Maybe next time they run one...)

We did have a minor adventure on the way home.  I'd put Boo onto the bike and was just about to get going when my pedal stops moving.  Yep, the chain slipped off the back gears.  And got stuck fast.
Of course, this is when Boo proclaims that he has to potty.
Oh, boy.
Well, on our way (quickly) to the port-a-pots after stashing the bike between two buildings, we run into my friend Uday waiting in line for ice cream.  We hurry to the potty and back and get a chance to catch up with him, his wife and their 2-year-old twin girls.  (They're very cute, I still can't remember their names, but they're adorable and are giving their parents a run for their money as all kids do.)  So, of course I end up getting Boo some ice cream as well.  Mostly as a bribe to keep him out of my way while I try and fix the bike.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the chain fee.  Thankfully, there were some younger (well, younger than me) guys sitting on the steps of the building and one of them offered to try and help since he fixes these things all the time (they had their own bikes propped up on the steps).  He had it fixed in about 2 minutes flat.  See, there are good people in the world still!

We made it home, Boo took a nice long nap for me and then when Gak got home, we met our friends Ted and Lonnie at "the cornbread place", better known as The Hen and Hog, for some early dinner.  It's close enough we can walk.  (That's both a very good and very bad thing...)

Sunday was just as packed as Saturday.  I did the grocery shopping before the boy got up.  I managed to fix breakfast at a reasonable hour and then got the laundry going.  After the laundry we got the boys hair cuts.  (They both needed the weed-wacker, Boo didn't even notice when I walked away part way through his hair cut. *sigh* He's getting to be so big!)  Then we headed down to Philly to go to the Games Workshop store (which happens to be just blocks from Gram's old house she grew up in!) and then to the Zoo.  We didn't have a lot of time at the Zoo, but we enjoyed it.  The advantage of having a membership is that I don't feel bad if we only go a few hours.  If we go twice in a year, we've more than paid for the membership.  We're planning to go back at least once at the end of summer, and who knows if/when we'll end up down there again before that.  (See, even more outside time!)

You'd think I'd be done with adventures for the week, but I'm not.  Yesterday I took a vacation day.  I took the vacation day so that Boo and I could go to the Iron Pigs baseball game with Zoe's 5th grade class.  (Talk about growing up too fast!  She can't be finishing 5th grade already!).  That in and of itself was a great way to spend the day.  The Iron Pigs won, which is even better, but in some ways, the best part was that Dave Bush was pitching.  You see, Dave's mom was my Girl Scout leader.  His oldest sister is a year older than me, and his other sister is the same age as my brother, and Dave's a year younger.  So, of course I had to root for the Iron Pigs and would have even if they weren't the home team.  He's pitching quite well and I'm thrilled that someone from my high school, that isn't exactly the best sports high school in the area, has made it to the majors and is still pitching strong in AAA baseball.  I wish him all the luck and would love to see him in a Phillie's uniform.

That's all the adventures so far for the week.  One week from today Nana (Gak's mom) gets here from Oklahoma.  She'll be visiting us for a week.  It was all of us kids present to her for Christmas.  And a week from Friday, Boo turns four!  Yes, you read that right F-O-U-R, 4!  Yeah, I don't know where the time's gone either.  We've got all kinds of craziness planned for next weekend, this weekend we're hoping just to relax a bit.  (Due to an emergency beyond Gak's or his boss's control, Gak's had to open all week...)

I was going to keep this short and sweet, but I guess I just got rambling and couldn't bullet-point what I had to say.  (That's a good thing, means I haven't totally become a corporate cog...)  I'm off to bed now after I clean up a little of the GS swap making mess I made in the living room....

Peace to all and may your days be sunny, your adventures fun and your team win.

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