Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Years. Already?

Five years ago today, I married my love, my Bear, my one and only.  It was a very different weather day from today.  Today was sunny and just warm enough and just beautiful.  Five years ago it was a little cool at times and a bit warm and sticky at times and gray and cloudy and it even rained a bit and, yes, I did panic there for a bit.  (I still "blame" mom for the rain... it only rained because she said we didn't need the second tent where we were going to have the ceremony.)
I can't say that it's been all sunshine and happiness.  If it was, I'd really be worried.  We've had our ups and our downs and the "I can't believe they haven't killed me yet" moments.  Overall the the ups have outweighed the downs and we've both grown and learned and lived together.  A lot of it hasn't been easy, but nothing worth it ever is.
We've seen a lot of loss and stress and anxiety and a few tragedies, including the loss of Gak's dad.  But, we've always had each other through the hard times.  Sometimes that's what caused the hard times, but more often than not, they made the hard times that much easier.
We've also seen a lot of good times, most notably the birth of our wonderful son.  The good times are that much better for having someone to share them with.  There has been a lot of good.  A lot of day-to-day good things, and some very nice things as well.  The random bright moments are that much brighter, especially when they're totally unexpected and brought about by the one you love.
So, here's to 5 great years and many, many more years to come.
I love you my Bear, you really do make me be a better person.

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