Sunday, July 04, 2010

Growing Boys and Other Things

Well, it is July already.  Where has the time gone?  This is a picture of my fuzzy-headed baby boy from last weekend.  He was enjoying some bread in his stroller while we were waiting to get things going at Knobles last Sunday.  Isn't he such a cutie?
Well, yesterday was a big day for my boy.  He and Poppa both got their hair cut.  Yep, that's right, my baby boy had his first real hair cut, more than just a few trims by his momma.  I've needed to cut his hair for a while.  When he was actually sitting in the tub, I could often get a trim in while he was busily splashing away.  Well, he stopped doing that back in April.  It's now July.  Yep, it's probably been 4 to 6 months since he's had a trim.  It was time.
I must say, my boy-o did pretty well.  Yes, he cried and fussed through the first half of it.  But, he sat still and didn't toss his head all around.  The woman cutting his hair was very nice and very quick and very skilled.  We only had a few problems once he stopped crying and was trying to figure out what was going on and watch what she was doing.  But, by then she was just about done in the front and top and was on to the back.  Let me tell you, cutting his hair makes him look like such a big boy!  He's still the same adorable little boy, but he's a little boy now, not a baby.  I mean, I know I keep saying that, but with every change, every mile stone, it's like he's suddenly not a baby any more, that he's even more of a big boy.  It's both scary and wonderful to watch him grow.
Oh, here's an after picture.  I don't have any good ones from the actual hair cut and he wasn't wanting to stand still and pose when all was said and done.  We went swimming at "Uncle Frank's" pool a few hours later (which he loved and was much more into than at the Y, even though the water was a bit colder possibly...).  I finally had to pull him out of the pool when lips, fingernails and toenails were all turning blue and he was shivering more than anything.  So, here he is wrapped up in a towel on the swing watching everyone.  Too darn cute!

This week was my company picnic on Wednesday.  We had beautiful weather, great food, and great fun.  I've got pictures to share, but they're not ready for uploading to flickr yet.  I've really got to get some printed and sent to both Charlie and Ron who are out on medical.  I miss them both so much.

Anyhow, this morning we're leaving for Knobles to go have fun at the amusement park and Boo will get his first camping experience.  I'm so excited.  I ended up buying a new tent (on sale at Target!) because my old one would be fine for just Gak and I, but not all three of us.  (It's tough some days having a giant of a husband...)  For less than $150 I got 3 new sleeping bags (in 3 different sizes even!), a new queen sized air mattress with a rechargeable pump (yes, it is ready to go, and it was only $3 more than one without...) the tent, a new ground tarp and a few other odds and ends.  So, yeah, it was great to have everything on sale.  I know what I got isn't the highest quality, but we only use them a few nights a year and even the cheap ones I've gotten in the past have been outgrown before they've been destroyed.  (In theory, I should be able to fit 2 queen air mattresses in the new tent, but probably not much else.  That's fine, since we only really "car camp" these days.
Can you tell I'm looking forward to this?  I think Gak's more or less going along with it because he wants to spend time with me and because I want to do this.  He's not much of an outdoors guy, but that's OK.  He lets me do my running in the woods and goes along with this camping thing and it gives him guilt-free computer and/or video game time.  Of course, I do enjoy video game time too, but I'm a Wii person, he's an Xbox 360 person.  (I'm controller inept, I don't deal well with anything with more buttons than my DS, other than maybe a Game Cube.  Yes, I'm a Nintendo fan, why do you ask?)
Speaking of video games, Gak picked up Mariokart for the Wii earlier in the week and one of the "wheels".  We got it primarily for Boo, since he's obsessed with "drive".  But, he hasn't quite made the connection between the controller and the kart on the screen.  On the other hand, I think it just might be my new addiction.  Oh well, it's fun and keeps me out of trouble.  Gak's playing through Brutal Legend and I can say it's a really cool game.  I'd never be able to master the controls, but I'm enjoying watching him play it... not to mention listening to the great music.  I think they got just about anyone who's anyone in metal into that game... or made some reference to them.  It's great!

Anyhow, I'd better get off here and finish getting everything together for the "weekend".
Peace to all, have a safe and happy 4th and may you find something that you truly enjoy.

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