Sunday, June 06, 2010

Hot and Icky

Well, the rest of the week was pretty uneventful.  Most of it was spent working, or trying to work and trying not to melt while at home.  Yep, just moved in and the AC is busted.  It worked before we moved in and up until Memorial Day.  So... yeah.  Unfortunately, the whole thing needs to be replaced and even more unfortunately, the new unit won't be in until Tuesday.  Add to that the hot, humid and downright sticky weather we had this week and triple UGH.  But, our landlords were quick to respond and aren't trying to find a cheap way out of the deal, so that's a good thing.
Thursday Steve had his usual gathering at the Ronda (pizza joint) that he has when he's home on leave.  Sadly, he had to leave to go back to Iraq the next morning.  As much as I love getting together for these things, I hate the fact that most of the time it's because we're having to say "later" to Steve as he heads out to put himself in harms way, so we don't have to.  I hope this tour continues to be uneventful, or less than eventful and that he's able to come home from this tour soon and healthy.  he's looking good and seems to be doing well.  (I'm just impressed I've been as good at writing as I have been this past year.... normally I stink at it, but having 2 calendar reminders a week in place helps make sure I don't let time just slip on by.)
Friday night was a tough night around this house.  It has been about 5 or 6 months (maybe longer) since Boo had a really bad night, so we were due.  Add to that that he's teething (at least his canines are still working on coming in and I think the 2-year molars may be as well....). Oh, and he had a snotty nose all day Friday and by Friday night he was really not breathing well at all.  So, starting around 1:30 or so, he slept no more than 45 minutes at a shot and usually woke up crying or screaming just long enough to get me (or Gak) out of bed.  So, needless to say, none of us slept well.  This meant that Saturday he was super clingy, super cranky, super tired boy, and his parents weren't exactly happy campers.  We didn't go to swimming because he was actually asleep for a bit (about 45 minutes) at that point.  I figured we might as well go if he was awake, but there was no way I was going to wake a sleeping boy.  He finally took about a 2-hour nap around 2:30 and then went to bed at about 8:30 with little complaint.  Thankfully he slept through the night and was a much happier boy today.  I could tell he was feeling much better because he was getting into everything as opposed to yesterday when he was leaving everything alone.
We tried to get him to take a nap today.  He went into his room at around 11:30, but didn't fall asleep until about 12:30 or 1:00 I think.  This is how we found him at about 1:45 when we went to get him so we could head over to Kat's.

We got together as an impromptu birthday party for Andy, as his birthday is tomorrow.  His dad, step-mom and youngest sister were visiting.  Everyone had a good time, and Boo played hard.  It's great when I can send him outside for the day.  Thankfully the weather finally broke around 3:30 or 4:00 and it has cooled off nicely and dried out quite a bit.  Trey even got a bath today and hung out on the line for a bit.

Anyhow, that's the weekend.  This week it's a continuation of the grind and more of the same over all.  I'd better wrap this up so I can go to bed so I can get up in the morning *sigh*.  There are more pics up on Flickr for your viewing enjoyment.

Peace to all and may your AC work, your sleep be sound and your weekends fun.

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