Friday, June 25, 2010

All About Boo

So here it is, Friday again and I have not posted since Monday.
Yep, I'm officially in a blog funk.  June's been a rough month for posting.  Maybe July will be better?  Wait, we've still got just under a week of June left!  Don't make the time go any faster than it has to, there's too much stuff!

Ok, sorry about that.

I don't really have any big happenings right now, so I guess a little bit of a boy update will do.
Let's see here, I don't think I mentioned it before, but about a week or two ago, he finally managed to jump with both feet.  Yep, my boy can jump.  At least a little bit and loves jumping on his bed.  Thankfully it's only a mattress on the floor, but still.  No jumping on the bed boy-o!
He's also become quite enamored with his hat.  This is the same hat that I think he wore for about 3 hours total last summer.  Case in point, on Monday after I put him to bed I hear his door banging quietly, like he's opening and closing it, trying to decide if he wants to come out.  Well, I give him about 10 minutes and then I go look in on him.  There he is, standing with his hand on the door and it about 1/4 open, in his PJ's with his hat on his head and this look of "I didn't do it!" on his face.  Too stinking cute.  (Needless to say I ushered him back to bed and reminded him it was bed time...)
His vocabulary is just exploding.  I've more than lost count of how many words he can say and understand.  My two current favorites of his are "trikenal" for tricycle and "cerlelol" for cereal.  Of course, "keek-a-boo" is still pretty darn cute.  He actually will say his name now, admittedly it comes out "Nay-nus", but hey, I know who he means.  (Of course, pictures of him still gets labeled "you" more often than not by him....)  He still does come out with words or strings of words that I have no idea what he just said.  I figure this will be the case for a very long time yet.  He's still the master of the one word sentence, but is putting more and more words together to get the idea across.
Boo can drink out of a big-boy cup, and does quite well with only a couple of ounces in a small cup.  But, he's fickle.  Some days all he wants is a big-boy cup, but last night, I offered him one and he cried and refused and only wanted a sippy. *sigh*  I'd like to get him better at big-boy cups, if only because it means fewer dishes.
Swim class is over for him, although I feel a little guilty about not signing him up for the next session.  Earlier this week he looked at me while I was getting him dressed and he said "swim?".  Sorry, buddy, not today.  I just hope I can get us over to Frank's pool semi-often.  He does seem to enjoy the pool, if it's not cold and if I'm not trying to get him to actually swim, or make swimming like motions.  Well, it's a start, or actually, with him I think it's a few steps backwards from February, but well, at least he doesn't totally hate the idea of "swim".  The bath on the other hand, continues to be a challenge and a mis-adventure.  He still refuses to sit in the tub, yet he almost begs for "baff" time almost every night.  Most nights he asks, I give him one, trying to reinforce the positives.  I'm not sure it's working.  Of course, I didn't help things any on Wednesday night.  I've been putting him into the tub while I fill it, and when he's decided he's not going to sit and there's enough water to splash in, I turn off the water.  I'm not "filling" the tub if he's not going to sit in it.  Anyhow, Gak had put the idea in my head (well, verbalized the idea that was already in my head) of trying the shower.  Soo.... wile he's standing in the tub and it's filling, I flip on the shower.  Big mistake.  Oh well, he's already screaming so I might as well wash his hair because he seems to hate that even more these days.  Yep, he does.  At least the tub wasn't very full so I didn't waste much water.  But, for some strange reason, he asks for "baff" again last night.  (I didn't even look at the shower...)  Again, he just stands or squats and splashes a bit and then is done.  I just don't get it.  I'm trying to just go with the flow here, but it's wearing on me.  Mostly because I worry about him slipping and falling in the tub while standing.  Of course, I'm of two minds, maybe it'll make him realize he should be sitting, or push us even farther back and he won't even let me put him into the tub at that point.  I think I'm just going to put a bucket out on the deck with some warm water in it and let him play to his heart's content either buck naked or just in a diaper.  We'll see how that goes.  I liked Ali's idea of just letting him play in the hose, but.... being a 2nd floor apartment, we don't have that option.  So, we'll see how the summer goes.  Hopefully we'll get into Frank's pool on a regular basis (I know Zoe would love that!) and the bath thing will become a distant, annoying memory.

Well, that's about where things stand with the Boo boy.  Work's been rough lately, some from a focus perspective, some from just a sheer workload and adjusting to the new network and rebuilt computer perspective.  I've really got to do a major push in the next week to clear out what I can because reporting month is around the corner and it's not fun to start backlogged to begin with.  We shall see.

Gak's working open to close most of this week and next while his boss is in Hawaii on a family vacation.  Fun, fun.  It'll be a long couple of weeks, but the pay check will be nice.

This weekend will be a little weird, not having swim on Saturday.  I'll probably do laundry like I used to.  Sunday Boo and I are heading up to Knoebles to meet up with Jen and Joan from college.  It should be fun.  I may have Zoe in toe, but I'm not sure.  It would be nice, since neither Jen nor Joan have kids.  It'll give Boo someone to play with while I catch up.

Well, I'd best get things together for lunches and get a boy up in a bit, if he doesn't wake up in a moment on his own.... he's been getting up very early.  He may sleep in a bit today though.  Last night he did not go to sleep until almost 9:00.  I peeked in on him when I was going to bed at about 9:15 or so, and there he was, wedged between his bed and lee, using a stack of blankies as a pillow, sound asleep.  His floor and bed were full of toys, including his mouse and keyboard.  So, I quietly cleared off the bed and scooped him up and put him back in bed.  He barely stirred.  Hopefully he'll sleep for another 20-30 minutes yet and I'll be able to get some things done.

Peace to all and may you never cease to be amazed at the wonderful things in life.

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