Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What a Week... and It's Only Wednesday!

First off, Gram had her doctor's appointment yesterday. No, I have no information, or I'd share it. I'm going to be optimistic and say no news is good news.
Ok. Now that that's out of the way....
This has been a long week and it's only Wednesday.
I really, truly think Gak has gotten the raw end of the stick with this move of stores. His old manager was just a disorganized kid. This guy seems to be an idiot jerk. Yes, Gak has 40 hours this week, over 6 days, and 4 of those days he is closing.... oh, wait, make that 3, his Friday schedule got changed. This means, that even though I'm home this week, I won't see him for more than an hour until Friday evening. There are also several other little things, and not so little things, that are driving Gak batty. It's bad enough that they leave $300 in EACH register. (Last I checked, $150 could give you a good assortment of change...) They also leave those registers UNLOCKED overnight! So, there's $600.00 almost unsecured on the floor and only $200.00 in the safe.
Say what?!?!
Yes, you heard me.
Heaven forbid something happen when Gak closes one night. I'm afraid of what would happen.
There are also some little things, housekeeping of stock and the like that aren't what they should be. I hope like crazy this is something temporary and that Gak can either manage to fix/get fixed the problems (real and potential) or he goes to another store that's better run.
These late nights and long days have been making him cranky. (He did a favor and worked a few hours for his old boss and opened that store on Monday, and then didn't get done until 9:30 at his new job.)

My week's been a ton of fun too. And that's only a semi-sarcastic statement.
I've had several of the sales team in this week. Most of them are quite entertaining people. I like a good number of them, some are OK and there are a few I wish I could drop kick.
My part of the training went well. Mostly. They all seemed to enjoy my presentation and were interested in most of what I had to say. Where the trouble is, is with their organization and bosses. It was hard to keep them on track at times, but it was enjoyable none the less.
There was a dinner last night, which was entertaining. I was really happy because it was right near my house. The only problem being that Gak was working late so not only couldn't he join us, but I had to go pick him up. Actually, this was a convenient excuse for me to leave. I did enjoy myself, but It was getting late, I wanted to go home and I was tired.
We wrapped that up today, so I actually get tomorrow and Friday to do my other work. I've got a few frustrating things to deal with there. Joy. Oh well, the week is halfway over now. Yay!

I will update about Gram whenever I know something. I'll probably call mom tomorrow if she doesn't call me this evening.

Peace to all and may your weeks be better than ours.

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