Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Continuing California

Today was a pretty good day. I had another 6 people, and the training went well and smoothly. Well, except for the places where for some reason our system decided to bomb out. I've only seen some of the errors they're getting at one other plant, and that was yesterday's!
Since it was only operator training again, this meant I had most of the afternoon free. I really wish I'd had my dad with me today. I spent the afternoon driving around, enjoying the scenery, listening to Jazz on the satellite radio and stopping at a winery. I think Dad would have enjoyed it very much. I always think about Dad when I'm out for a drive, especially if I have Jazz on the radio. Jazz is traveling music to me. It's what Dad always put on while we were in the car. That or it is a Saturday afternoon and he's in the basement reading. (The funny thing is, the image that I have in my head is from the house in Kansas, not PA... we haven't lived there in over 20 years and have spent way more time in the PA house....) I enjoy it very much and it's very comforting music, even the more pointed sounding stuff. It reminds me of family road trips and comfortable weekends. Mom would have enjoyed the trip, but I really wish Dad had been there. I like going on drives with him.
The one winery I made it to was pretty nice. I can't remember the name off the top of my head. I didn't buy any wine though. While it was all very nice, none of it seemed better than, or even very different from, any of the others there. There was one nicely 'chewy' red and a nice crisp white, but nothing that really stood out and said 'take me home'. (That and I looked at the prices... oops.)
No, I don't have any pictures. Where I'd stopped the area wasn't the best photographically and the light wasn't very good either. It was still too early in the afternoon to get any good shadow definition or slanted lighting. Although, the lighting this morning on my way up to the site was great. Of course, you can't drive down the freeway and take pictures at the same time. It's dangerous to everyone involved. I also didn't stop anywhere else, even though I drove for about another hour or so. I was going to stop at a park, but just couldn't bring myself to pay the parking for 20 minutes. And the light still wasn't right. Yes, I'm a light snob. But I take photographs, not snapshots. (Even if I do use a point-and-shoot digital.)
Just thought I'd let you know what a nice afternoon I had.
Oh, yeah, I also talked to my Gram tonight. Last night I said she had a PET scan scheduled for next week. I was mistaken, it was today. She said the test went very smoothly. We should have some much more definitive answers in a week or so when we get the test results back. My friend in the office who has successfully fought off lung cancer told me that she should get a PET scan and that would more definitively tell us if it's cancer or something else. When I told Gram this tonight, she was very happy to hear it. She's been in tons of pain recently. Also, the not knowing and the waiting is horrible. I mean, once you know what a problem is, you can fix it or learn how to manage it to make it not so bad. Not knowing means you're loaded up on pain pills and anxiety. Not a good thing at all.
I'll let you know what and when I know.

Peace to all and may you find a pleasant way to spend a pretty afternoon.

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