Thursday, October 04, 2007


Well... it looks like after almost a week of nothing from me, you get updates three days in a row!
Training went well as did my drive back to Bakersfield. My flight leaves in the morning and I'm glad.
Just wanted to post a few quick updates. Gak's dad had shoulder surgery today. After finally tracking down his brother, all is well. (The scary part is, we're getting more and better info from Brian than from Gak's mom these days... We had to get the info of what was being operated on and when from him, his mom was just being tragic and didn't tell us diddly...)
I told you last night that Gram had her PET scan yesterday. Well, today she had an appointment with her regular doctor. According to what she told my mom and mom told me, it wasn't good. I have no idea what that means. I know that they moved her oncologist appointment up to Tuesday instead of the 15th or whenever it was going to be. I know that the doctor made some mention to Gram about thinking about moving out of her apartment. I have no idea what's going on. All I know is I'm on an emotional roller coaster with this one. I've been either extremely optimistic or fatally in denial for the past year since all her problems started shortly before Thanksgiving. I still don't want to face the possibility of loosing her. Not now, not ever. She's my only grandparent and the thought of loosing her is about as painful as the thought of loosing Mom, Dad, Jon or Gak. Loosing Kat would only be a hair less painful. Maybe it would be different if her mind was going, but she's as sharp as ever... just in a boatload of pain. It really hurts to see her being betrayed by her body so badly. It almost would seem like a blessing to have her mind and body fail at the same time... but probably not. I'd have to ask Michelle... her last grandparent is slowly disappearing due to Alzheimer's. That really can't be a whole lot better...
Ok. All I'm doing is wallowing in self pity and that won't help anyone. It sure as hell can't do anything for Gram and all it will do is make me toss and turn all night and be really cranky tomorrow. She's lived a good long life and when it's done, it'll be done. I'll just have a huge void that'll have to be filled somehow. Like I said, she's my only grandparent. Ever. Well, almost. Dad's parents died before I could remember them. Gram's father died when I was about 9, but I barely remember him and her mom died when I was 12 or 13, but we were never close.

I hope everyone can have a good weekend. Gak works tomorrow but has off Sunday. He got moved stores. Apparently some chick at the store he's moving too had issues working with some of the people there so a lot of people got royally shuffled around. Oh, other news on the job front; Kat starts her new job Monday, literally about a mile (less as the crow flies) from my work. It's been a long time coming, but I really hope this one pans out as well as it is sounding.
Peace to all and don't take your family for granted. We're only granted their presence for a limited time.

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