Thursday, August 16, 2007

Introducing Rae and Kami

I finally weeded through the photos of Rae and Kami's wedding. There were several really good ones I had to choose from. I've uploaded the best to Flickr, but thought I'd share a few here.

The day was beautiful, if a bit warm. It was even actually humid for California. The biggest problem was that for the ceremony, most of us sat in the sun and facing into it. That's OK. though. We all survived. They were kind enough to give us fans at each seat. They were the ones that Mom had originally ordered for Gak's and my wedding 2 years ago now, but they never came. So she canceled that order and scrambled to find something else, which worked just as nicely.

This photo is of my only aunt and uncle and their two kids. Well their not kids any more, they're both married. Ben is almost 2 years older than me, I'm two years older than my brother and Rae is just about 2 years younger than him. Kinda weird huh?

This is the Reverend who performed the ceremony. She has a great sense of humor and grace. She's apparently been around the world doing all kinds of things. She almost reminds me of one of my high school English teachers. Rae and Kami said that when they first met with her in her office (full of spears and things from her travels...) she threatened them if they broke up, that she'd hunt them down. She wanted to make sure they really, truly wanted to do this. They do and it shows.

The cake was really yummy. It was a dense yellow cake with strawberry stuff between the layers. Mmmmm.... strawberries!

Rae and Kami's first dance was beautiful. They'd gone to dance lessons and had it choreographed. Friday, while they were practicing, Kami banged her ankle pretty hard into the bed frame. Rachel was in a panic (and she's the ER nurse!). Her dad calmed her down and everything turned out just fine. They were so cute. You can see that they truly do love each other with their whole heart. I'm so happy that they've found each other.

Well, I've got to finish packing and get out of here. I've got to get to work yet. Peace to all and may there be love in your life!

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