Sunday, January 17, 2016

January is Hard

You'd think I'd learn.  You'd think I'd learn to keep my big mouth shut and just not argue with people who have already had their minds made up by someone else.  Especially when it's a very closed-minded opinion.  And the argument will boil down to "he said" "she said".

No, I'm not going to go into details.  Suffice to say all of their "proof" comes from religious based websites/groups and my "proof" comes from the site of the organization they're against.

And, if you know me, you know how much faith (lol) I put into religious organizations.  And how much of a far-left, bleeding-heart, tree-hugging hippy liberal I am.  (I do try and put on the reality filter, I do... but... my heart and what "reality" dictates are often quite different...)  So, while I may not have "proof" this person will listen to, I also have first hand knowledge.  (Which isn't good enough for her, yet someone else's first hand account is...)

So, yeah.  I fed a troll.  A troll who is someone in my extended "family", so sooner or later I'll have to deal with them face to face.  Oh well.  There's only so long I can bite my tongue and ignore things.

On the flip side, January is just being crazy busy and wearying.  Nothing too big or major, just lots and lots of little things and general business that takes it's toll.

Not-so-good things: crazy busy at work, cracked windshield on the LRH, I need new hiking boots, my phone borked (but was covered by insurance...), and my Missfit Flash seems to have randomly died on me.  Oh, and the roof at Gak's work is leaking and we're both crazy busy.

Good things: We spent today visiting with Amma and going to the Lego Store and having lunch together.  Boo-boy wanted a pick your own bucket of bricks, so we arranged this little trip.  Also, Boo-boy is reading.  As in really, really reading.  We had arguments and frustration and tears about reading before Christmas, but now, he's reading.  I'm just gonna go with it.  We, now, think the frustration at least partially boiled down to finding a book that was interesting and not super easy.  That and the fact that Daddy and Momma wanted him to read, so therefore he wasn't gonna. /eyeroll.

So, I'm now thinking that while he may have some challenges to the actual reading thing, and spelling is a family challenge, he's not really any more challenged then your typical 7-year-old.  Of course, this will change seven times in the rest of the school year.  Or maybe not, since we're really on a reading track now...

So, I think I'll just wrap this chaotic post up here.  Overall, other than books, trolls, and cookie season, nothing too exciting is happening around here.

Peace to all and may your trolls be few and your books be many.

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