Tuesday, January 05, 2016


Boo and his reading continue to baffle me.
A little background; I was reading by age 4 and reading Nancy Drew by age 6.  Boo has been stubborn about learning anything new and will do things on his own time thanks.  He has also recently become totally infatuated with Minecraft.  Asking the boy to read is like telling him you're going to run over Trey.  He can't or won't explain the problem.

For Christmas one of the books I bought Boo was a book called Diary of a Minecraft Zombie.  It is similar to Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  All the chapters were one or two pages and it was a hoot.  He devoured it in only a few hours.  He asked for the next one, so, of corse I ordered it. My boy was reading.  Voluntarily. He asked for a book. 

Well, it came today.  The evening was already a bit rocky because this week's spelling list is hard.  Ea  and ee vowel combos.  And after seeing where he stood with the list, I told him to do one of the practice exercises.  And nearly made him cry when I asked if this week was a tough list.  And asked what needed to be done about it.  Anyhow, after dinner and after he finished his spelling exercise, I gave him the books I ordered. 
He was all "meh" about it.
I tried not to be hurt.  It didn't quite work (see above, bookworm since age 4 or 5....).
Anyhow, week nights are reading nigjts, at least 10 minutes.  I told him he could start one of the books I got him, but I'd like it if he'd read a chapter out loud to me.  Again, icy resistance.  But, he got through a chapter.  This one was actually 4 or 5 pages, not 2.  Then he didn't want to read more, but he really needed to.  He managed another 5 or so before I told him he could be done.

So, yeah.  He confuses me.  When he doesn't think about it or it isn't required, he reads quite well.  When it, or anything really, becomes a "have to", it is worse than pulling teeth.  Sure, I used to balk a lot at room cleaning and stupid homework, but over all, I think I did most things when asked.  I didn't come almost to tears the moment someone said "you have to...".  I just don't know.  I worry.  I have talked some with his teacher.  She doesn't see many of these struggles in school.  But she has given good advice for home.  I just wish I could see into that brain of his and see what's what.  And throttle my own frustrations and expectations.  I have no idea what normal looks like and I just don't understand.  Knowing I don't understand only makes it worse, not better.

Anyhow, that's what is eating at me at the moment.  That and rude loud neighbors that keep invading my space with their noise.... but that is a different story.

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