Sunday, June 02, 2013

Time Flies (aka Boo Turns Five)

Yesterday my baby boy turned five years old. Yes, you read that right, he is now 5. 
Where has the time gone?   It really see like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting his arrival and here he is five years old and starting kindergarten in a few short months.
I won't say it has all been easy or a bed of roses. There have been plenty of moments when I have questioned my sanity, his or both at the same time. But I wouldn't trade any of it away for anything.
Last night we had spaghetti dinner at Aunt Kat's with the family. Daddy got a custom cake from Coldstone decorated like the TARDIS. It was yummy!
Today we had his birthday party at the park I made an awesome "terrain" cake of brownies and cupcakes and perched two monster trucks on it. Everyone loved it. We also did build your own sundaes.
The biggest part of his birthday is that Gak and I got him his own tablet. It is a Galaxy Tab 2 7".  He loves it and it should last a long time.   We had made the decision before I got laid off and had already set aside about half the money for it. It is a Good investment and will serve us well.
I am glad the weekend is over and the chaos of the birthday is behind us. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment and Boo has swim lessons.
Peace to all and may time not fly too fast and your life be filled with god times and family and friends.

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Margaret said...

All this talk of cake is making me hungry