Monday, June 10, 2013


I am sitting here waiting while Boo has his swim lesson; the third one of this session.  I'm not sure but he's either not making any progress or maybe going back a bit.
I've noticed lately wd have has a very clingy boy the last few weeks. I think part of it is because I'm home so much more right now. I also think part of it is because there are a lot more changes on the horizon too.  I think no matter how cool he plays it, the thought of kindergarten scares the snot out of him. It is a big change and not under his control in the slightest. He hates bith of those things.
Friday we had his five-year checkup. I don't remember how much I posted but remember back when he was 2 or so (another time of big change out of his control) all he would do was scream at the doctor?   Well that is what it was Friday. With lots of Momma clinging added in. He is super scared and shy around all strangers these days. It is a bit worrying but mostly just frustrating. We have seen it before and it passed. At least he isn't screaming about bath or pol time this time.
As for me? I'm hanging in therr the best I can. I really, really want to find a job soon. I love being home and not having to be anywhere but I miss things like adult conversation and having thing to do and not worrying about where the next check will come from.
I am also very frustrated. All the prospects I had either stopped calling back and/or wouldn't work for a variety of reasons. Finding something I'm interested in, within the realm of not over or under qualified, and will pay me something close to what I was making is damn near impossible. One of the big reasons the others wouldn't work is that they were offering between one half and two thirds of what I was making. I could possibly do two thirds but not half. At least not for long without destroying what little savings we have.
So, yeah, frustration abounds.
I'm going to watch the last bit of Boo's lesson.
Peace to all and may your life not be one big ball of frustration  (and make time for the pool).

EDIT:  After swim lessons his teacher came up to me and was thrilled with the progress he made today!  OK, so from halfway across the pool what didn't look like any real improvement was amazing to his teacher.  I'll take it, she's the pro after all.  We've got another lesson Wednesday morning since she's on vacation next week.

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