Saturday, October 01, 2011


Today was a wonderful day.  Today my brother and his love joined their lives together now and forever, creating their own family.
To say I wish Jon and Becca nothing but happiness is an understatement.  I love my brother very much.  He and I have always had a pretty good relationship.  I love Becca almost as much.  She is a wonderful woman and the best match I could ever want for my brother.  They will make each other happy (and drive each other nuts) for a very long time.

The wedding was beautiful.  The weather cooperated and while it remained overcast, it did not rain on us.  The ceremony was held at Great Valley Nature Center.  PA is a unique state in the fact that due to our Quaker heritage, we can actually self marry in the Quaker tradition.  This means that Jon pledged himself to Becca, and Becca to Jon and with two witnesses to sign, the marriage is official and binding.

Once we all gathered at the center we walked over to where Jon and Becca had decided to hold the ceremony.  It was under a pair of trees at the edge of where the outdoor animals used to be.  Jon and Becca handed out envelopes to everyone who could read.  On each one was a special vow for that person to read.  For example, mine said "Jon and Becca, do you promise to continue to have adventures with each other?"  There were some that were silly, some that were serious, and all of them reflected the personality and relationship of those reading the vows to Jon and Becca.  They then had their own vows to each other and exchanged rings.  It was such a wonderful and happy moment.

After that we all adjourned down the road to the Cedar Hollow Inn for lunch and socializing.  Everything was wonderful. Our families mingled.  The four boys played.  Boo has a new friend in Jed, Becca's cousin.  They only live about an hour away in New Jersey, and we will hopefully get together again.  After "lunch" was done around 4, some people left and some people stayed for the social gathering of some local friends.  I took Boo home to Amma and PopPop's to hang out for a bit while Gak and I hung out.  It was nice to catch up with Greg and Ian from high school (and earlier).

We really had a great time.  But, I'm exhausted now, and am going to wrap this up.  I just wanted to post something, including this wonderful picture at the top before I crashed.

Peace to all and my your gatherings be happy and the ties that bind us be strong and full of love.

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Flauta Mom said...

When did he get old enough to marry?!?

Tell them CONGRATS from me; and what a beautiful way to get married