Wednesday, October 05, 2011


I have had a horrible case of start-itus in recent months.  Now, I've actually gotten many of my projects completed, but I've got so many going right now, that I'm not sure I can keep them all straight.
This tells me that even if I'm stressed and under a lot of pressure, that mentally I'm doing just fine.  I'm feeling good enough to be creative and want to play with yarn or fabric or any number of other things.  That and I've actually managed to find time to squeeze in some reading for enjoyment too.  So, yes, I'm a bit frazzled and stressed, but I'm feeling pretty good about life in general.

So, let's see here, I have 5 crochet projects on the hooks (one of which I just started this evening despite promising myself I had to get one of two important ones done first...).  There are two blankets, one sweater, one scarf and one shrug at various points of completion from just started to over halfway there...  Yes, at least two have deadlines, one self-imposed, one because it's for a friend at work who is having a baby at the end of December or early January.  (We're hoping she makes it to January, this has been one very, very rocky ride for her...)  I'd love to have the sweater done soon for the cooler weather that's heading our way, but I'll be happy if that one gets done by spring.  The shrug will be great for spring and summer, but since it's a bit too light for winter wear, I'm not going to push too hard on that one yet.  And the scarf, the one I just started tonight, well... again, I really want to get it done now, but will be happy whenever it gets done.  Oh, and there are the snowflakes I want to crochet and the new lanyard I need for my badge for work... and the boys and I all need new hats and possibly scarves....

And that's just the crochet I have going.  I also have a little cap-sleeve jacket/shrug I want to sew, but need to find fabric for first.  And I'm currently in the middle of making Boo's Halloween costume.  No, I'm not telling you what it is, just that it'll be really cute and I'm being able to get all the fabric I need from scraps from old projects.  I was supposed to be working on that tonight, but my new yarn was calling my name and I caved.

I also want to get a photo book done for this year, or at least to remain on top of the photos in posting to Flickr for the rest of the year.  Oh, and I want to get the New Year's letter done so it might actually make it out the door this year (as opposed to the last two years where the letter is written, and on my hard drive but has never been printed or sent to anyone...).

And then there are the books.  I'm getting near the end of the third book in a series (the 4th will be out soon-ish) that I'm enjoying quite a bit.  And there's another somewhat "self improvement" kind of book I've been wanting to really dive into, but it is not bedtime reading.  And the new Rick Riorden (sp?) Heroes book comes out next month (I think).  Oh, and there are about a half dozen other things I want to read.  I may just have to start up my Audible account again and start listening to them while I play with yarn and/or fabric.

So, as you can see, I've had a huge case of start-itus that began sometime this summer.  I'm very happy to have my crafting bug back, it had taken a bit of a vacation for a while last year with all the stress of the move and life in general.  I'm also happy that I've been able to figure out how to squeeze it in to my day.  (That and time just for me to swim, bike or otherwise get some sort of physical activity in...)

It's just about 9 and if I want to get my swim in tomorrow morning, I'd best wrap this up.  I'm off to play with yarn for a few more moments and then crash into bed.

Peace to all and may the creativity bug bite you, but not to the point where you "suffer" start-itus!

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