Thursday, August 04, 2011

Friends and Beaches

Well, August is getting off to a pretty fun start.
Monday, Mom and I took the boy-o down to Delaware again.  Our friends Robin and Paul are up in the area from Georgia, and are staying with Jay right now.  This was the perfect excuse to go back to the beach one more time this year.  (I can't believe I've made it there three days this summer, each time with a different configuration of people, and all three times very enjoyable.)
I believe we have created an ocean loving monster, and I'm so very thrilled with that.  If you remember, earlier in the summer and last summer, whenever we would get Boo halfway to the water from our towels, he would make a u-turn and head in as straight a line as possible back to the blanket and towels.  Well, last time we managed to get him to splash in the water up to his knees and enjoy it.  This time, if I hadn't had a death grip on his wrists, I think he would have gladly let the waves take him where they would... and he was happily standing in the water up to his chest!  He didn't even want to get out when he was turning blue and shivering so much he just sort of vibrated in place.  Our visit with Robin, Paul and Jay was a good one as well.

Today, was another great day.  You see, my friend Blessa from England is in the US for a two week long road trip.  She brought her husband and her youngest with her.  I met Blessa 17 years ago (eep!) when we both worked at Camp Tohi.  I was just an assistant camp councilor and she was one of the riding instructors. Me, I've never been much of a horse person.  I never had any interest in taking riding lessons and had ridden about 5 times in my entire life (and I haven't ridden since either...).  So, who gets "stuck" with half the riding units that summer?  You guessed it, me!  I quite enjoyed it though.  Most of the time it was quite fun, and "rooming" with Blessa was a lot of fun.  She's about 6 years older than me, and at 18, that was a pretty big difference, but a comfortable one.  She provided a sense of stability and hmmm... not sure what the right word is, but it was a good thing.
Amber is 6 years old and she and Boo hit it off tremendously in about 2 minutes or less.  They had a lot of fun playing together while I threw lunch together.  Blessa and I had a good time catching up and I don't think Andrew was too bored out of his skull.  (Personally, I think he was just happy to get out of the car; their 1.5 hour ride turned into 3 hours!)

Anyhow, after their fun visit, they left to head off to their next stop, Ohio and our friend Lynx.  Lynx was another international councilor the year Blessa was there.  (Blessa was only there one year, I was there two and I think Lynx came back for four or more!)  I'm so jealous that she gets to go see Lynx.  Lynx was one of the two I bunked with during pre-camp that summer and she and I were quite friendly.  I think one of my favorite pre-camp memories is when we were sitting in a talk and I glance over at her note pad to see what notes she was taking, and it was in Dutch.  She caught me looking and we had a good laugh about it.  Anyhow, I hope to get a chance to see Lynxie again some time, I've just got to get the time to take a road trip.

I've got a lot of pictures from the beach to get off the camera (none from today, but Blessa has some...).  I'll get there eventually.

Peace to all and may your travels be safe, and your friendships a heartbeat away.

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