Tuesday, September 02, 2014

First grade!

I will admit I have let the entire summer go by without a peep. I have failed to write about things big and small, good and bad,  personal and global. But I couldn't let this day go by unnoticed.

Today my Boo boy became a "real" elementary school student. Today my baby started first grade. There was still some trauma and wport on his part. And a bit of anxiety for all involved. But, today was a success. He was all smiles when I picked him up after work this evening and he was quite happy to tell us all about his day. And overall it was a good day and he is looking forward to the year. And that makes me happy.

Overall the summer was good even if it flew by. We managed to get in some beach time and some time visiting friends and family. There was no camping much to a boy's disappointment, and mine. But we did get to Knoebel's twice.
That and the fact I love my job still and have been kicking butt are the good things.

The not-so-good includes a rent hike and the need to move and everything that goes with not enough money. We will survive and are in the process of getting ready to move November first. The other potential bad is if the district will make us change schools 10 days before the end of the first making period or if we can stay where we are for the year. Our new place is only a few blocks from another elementary school in the district. We shall see....

So peace to all and may the start of new adventures be good and not scary.

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