Monday, September 02, 2013

Twas the Night Before Kindergarten

I wish I was better at adapting poems to suit my own needs, but I'm not. So you'll just have to deal with some bedtime rambling.
Tomorrow Boo starts kindergarten. I think it will actually go OK. We had orientation on Thursday. For most of the time the parents were in the cafeteria in assembly being introduced to the principal and other school staff. Meanwhile the kids were in their classrooms meting their teachers. There was one kid who raised a ruckus, but it wasn't Boo. I sent him with Daddy to go with the teacher, knowing full well if I did it, it would not go so well. His teacher, Mrs. M, is young and beautiful. She saw Boo was hesitant and took him by the hand and to the front of the line. He willingly went with her. I swear he'll follow just about any pretty girl...
Anyhow, when us parents were let into the class we were quite happy that he didn't get up from his coloring and run right to us. He wasn't happy, but he stayed put.

Boo admits he's still a little scared. We've done our best to assure him it is OK to be scared. I really think he'll be OK. At least with the going to school part. I still worry about the participating in group aor teacher lead activities, but we did get a chance to mention that to Mrs. M. She appreciated it.

Anyhow, Looking in on my boy all curled up with Trey and Angel I am filled with many emotions. (I let Boo sleep with Angel one night in a week...) Knowing Angel is "Gram's" bear, I am filled with sadness that neither Gram nor his Papa Jim ever got to met him and how much I wish they were here for such a big life event. I'm feeling a little anxiety about how he'll do, but more from a "I hope he has a good year" not a "I hope he's ready" standpoint. Subtle difference but big. I will admit I am feeling no small amount of amazement at the fact that he is old enough, big enough and more than smart enough to be in big boy school. And I will admit there is some pride in tbere too that Gak and I have such an awesome little boy. He really is quite something and is such a character.

But, it is just about 10 and I have to make sure I get up in the morning. We leave the house at about 8:30 to walk to school as a family. Look for a picture soon.
Peace to all and may you conquer your fears and be amazed by the world around you. (And those of you in school or with loved ones in school may this year be challenging and fulfilling.)

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