Sunday, September 08, 2013

One Week In

Well, it's been one week since the start of school. Yes, it was a short, three day long week but we've had a week of school.
And I don't recognize this boy living in my house. But in good ways.
Tuesay morning Boobwas awake before I was and I was up at 6:30 to try and get a little Momma time. As I was leaving my room I see the light on in Boo's room and tbere he is, already getting dressed. He was bouncing off the walls and ready to GO by 7 and we don't have to leave the house until about 8:30 if we're walking. Totally the opposite of what we expected.
He was a bit nervous about going into school but Nik was there and when the doors opened, I just handed the boy off to him and he barely looked back. He was so excited about everything when we picked him up. And his teacher said he'd had a better day than orientation, but saw what we meant about participation.
Wednesday came and he was just as excited to go to school. He was glad to see Nick at the doors again. We left the house a bit early and we had about 10 minutes or so to wait. Again happy bouncing boy.
Thursday he had off for Rosh Hashanah, but he was going to daycare in the afternoon. He was so excited to see Dominik and tell him all about what he learned. Dom wasn't there Thursday, but Joey and Mikey were and that was good.
Starting Friday is where the real changes became evident. Now, you know Boo has always been a social boy but prefers to hang back and doesn't go talking to random kids.
Friday Mrs. M told me when I picked him up that he was getting much better about the participation thing. That made me smile. We went to the library next to return and check out books. We ran into one of his classmates as we were leaving and he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay or go home for lunch. Lunch won.  (From the 30 seconds we saw him, he reminded me a bit of Kevin from daycare... not one of Boo's favorite people. )
Boo ate all his lunch. He even let me have about 45 minutes quiet time al to myself. We then went out and played and then Gak called and offered to buy ice cream to celebrate the first week of school. After that we went to the playground.
There was a little girl there who wanted to play with Boo. Think of the opening scenes from Up and you'll know what it was like. Well she had to go fairly soon after they started playing. After a bit, when the playground became busier, Boo was actually upset no one was playing with, or talking to, him. Yes, my boy who really only wants to play with me. He was quite content to play by himself or other kids.
Then we came home so I could start dinner. He wanted to play out back so I said yes. We finally went over his actual boundaries, not just the implied ones. He then asks if he can see if Conner across the hall is home. Sure!  (Conner just started 6th grade but has always made time for Boo.) They played either out back with a ball or out front with the remote controlled truck for over an hour until it was time to get Gak from work. Well, when I said it was time to go you'd have thought the world was going to end. So, since Conner and his older brother Matt didn't care I left him playing.
Then last night he was playing out back after dinner and seems to have made friends with a random neighborhood kid who lives on the circle behind us.
Who is this boy? And all this after one week of school? Boy are we in trouble...
We truly don't have a baby or even a pre-schooler any more.
Peace to you all and may you grow in leaps and bounds.

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