Wednesday, August 01, 2012

New Month, New Adventures

Since it's almost 9:00, I'm going to try and keep this brief.   Here are the last of the July Photo A Day photos and today's photo.  I took today's photo using my Dad's Nikon D80.  I'm borrowing it for a while, mostly because I've had that itch to have a little more control over my photographs.  I've added a few more photos I've taken with the D80 on Flickr.  I've only played with a tiny fraction of the settings and I'm overwhelmed.  Kinda like my Photoshop Elements.  I use just enough to do what I want and ignore about 90% of it.  I'm having fun with the D80, so maybe there'll be a few more "creative" shots...

July 30th: Calm.  You can't get much more calm than Boo actually sleeping.  He's so darn cute when he sleeps.  So sweet, it makes it even harder to leave for work...

July 31: Toothbrush.  This is Boo's and my toothbrushes.  I love the echo of the line of the sink in the line of Boo's blue toothbrush.  (I actually took this one today, but that's only because my Cannon's battery was dead last night.

August 1st: Outside.  I tried to think "outside the box" on this one.  Unfortunately, I couldn't think of anything I had around that I could literally take outside the box.  So, I took this one looking out the back door.  Yes, I focused on the screen on purpose.

Anyhow, I've got 2 more work days until the weekend.  And I'm so looking forward to this.  Steph, Kat and the kids are joining Boo and I down at Bobbie's house in Delaware for the weekend.  We're leaving Friday night and Boo and I are staying until Monday, but the rest are coming home Sunday night.  Mom's coming down Monday.  It should be an awesome time.  Everyone is so looking forward to it.  Well, maybe not Gak, but that's because he has to stay home and work.  Wish he could come, but like Zoe said yesterday, this is a "no Daddy weekend".

Peace to all and may August bring you new, more fun adventures than July.

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Margaret said...

Just came back from a weekend away, so August is already full of adventures for me. Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed.