Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted all week.  The end of last week was pretty hectic at work and then I actually had a bit of "vacation".  It may have only been three days, but is was a very full, very fun and also pretty darn relaxing three days.  Even with being very full and lots of driving.

Yep, Kat, Steph, the kids and I went to Rehoboth for the weekend.  Well, Kat and Zoe had to go to Arlington on Friday and then drove over to Delaware that night.  Steph, the kids and I left Friday after work (we managed to get on the road by 6 when we both got off work at 4...).  It was really late when we got to the house, but it was all good.

Anyhow, Saturday was a fairly lazy morning followed by a handful of hours at Cape Henlopen State Park.  We were at the south end, just north of Rehoboth proper.  We couldn't find parking in Rehoboth and silly me didn't think about taking the Park and Ride until we were circling the blocks... oops.  It was much more enjoyable actually to be at Henlopen.  The best part of the day?  Swimming with my boy-o in the waves.  I think I need to convince him to wear a flotation vest when we do that though... just because he's a bit tough to hold on to and he can't swim by himself yet.  Next time... Yep, that's right, we actually went far out enough that I had to jump to keep my head above water when some of the waves came.  We had fun.  We also had fun playing in the sand and just having a really good afternoon.

We had a late-ish dinner back at the house of spaghetti (we were going to have it earlier than later, but the water just didn't want to boil and we had to get everyone showered...) then we headed back into Rehoboth and hung out at Fun Land for a little bit, wandered a few shops and then had ice cream.  We got home around midnight.

Sunday was spent cleaning in the morning.  We ended up doing a good bit more cleaning than we planed to, but that's because the two 11-year-olds were having problems with listening and being good role models for Boo.  So, they got extra cleaning chores.  I'm sure Dorothy and the rest will appreciate everything we got done off the "honey-do" list and then some.  We then took the park and ride into Rehoboth and had an early dinner of Grotto Pizza and Thrasher's French Fries on the boardwalk before hitting the sand for a few hours. Then, sadly, it was time for Steph, Kat and the kids to go.  Boo was very sad about that.  But, it meant a quiet evening at the house for the two of us.  Actually, he crashed pretty hard very shortly after we got home.

Monday I did the last of the laundry and our packing.  Then we met Mom at McDonalds.  We decided the park and ride was the best option and headed into town.  We had a few hours on the beach just being lazy for the most part and splashing a little in the waves.  Boo was wearing shorts because he didn't want to wear his swimsuit because he wasn't going to get wet.  That lasted about 10 minutes.  Thankfully I had two more clean sets of clothes for him.  We got off the beach right as a little storm rolled through and we had a light lunch at Grotto Pizza.  We then wandered up to the book store and then Boo declared it was time for ice cream (hence the need for the third set of clothes for the day...).  We then head back to the car.

We'd arranged to go to dinner at about 5:30 with Jay.  Since we had about an hour or so to kill, we wandered over to the outlets.  We went to Old Navy where Amma and I picked up several things for Boo's fall/winter clothes and I picked up two shirts.  By the time we left there, Boo was sound asleep in his stroller.  He got about a half hour snooze all together.  After Old Navy we went to the Corning outlet where I got a dozen new plates (6 big, 6 small) to replace my broken blue ones from Ikea.  They're pretty neat and should be much less breakable.

We had an enjoyable dinner with Jay and then it was sadly time to get on the road.
That was my whirlwind vacation.  We had so much fun together.  We've got to do it again.  I've posted a few pictures here, but there are many, many more over on Flickr (I think I uploaded 35 or 40... out of the about 80 I had on my camera...)

This week's been a real winner... any relaxation I still had from my vacation vanished within about an hour of getting to work.  Stupid Hydra of a problem.  But, that's another story.

Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow I'll get around to doing a "Photo a Day August" post...

Peace to all and may your vacations be wonderful, even if they're only 3 days long.

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Margaret said...

What is summer without the beach? Seems like you guys had a great time.