Monday, July 15, 2013


I've got big news concerning Boo and Kindergarten in the fall.

On Friday Boo and I went to Target to pick up some other odds and ends, and since I was there, I wondered if the list of school supplies was out.  Sure enough, there was one labeled for QE.  So, Boo and I happily (and me with a bit of a tear in my eye, really) picked out his supplies.  This picture is what we picked up on Friday.
Yes, on the list at Target, headphones were on the list.  (For computer time I was assuming.)  And yes, he picked out every single thing you see there from the gray backpack and the green folder to the pencil box with a pink lid.  I think he did very well.

Mind you, on Friday we were still assuming that Boo was going to be going to QE, as that's the one that's about a block further than his day care and where the boy across the hall went (he'll be at the middle school this year...).  I was also assuming Target had the right list.

Well, today in the mail we got Boo's school assignment.  Sure enough, he'll be at QE, in the morning class.  As much as Loretta at daycare told us to ask for PM Kindergarten, I'm actually happy he's in the morning class.  Boo does much better with things like this in the morning.  It'll give us an entire year to work on the whole morning and afternoon all week thing.  He's still Mr. Grumpypants if he doesn't get quiet time after lunch or sometime in the afternoon and regularly still takes an hour or so nap if he lets himself fall asleep.

But, the list that was enclosed in the mail is a good bit different than what we bought.  He doesn't actually need two sets of markers, or the folder or the headphones.  We'll be keeping the headphones anyhow, since he'll be able to use them with his tablet.  We'll need to pick up a new pack of watercolors, a pack of dry erase markers, a pair of scissors, a box of tissues, a hand sanitizer, some Clorox wipes and a bag for snacks.

We have orientation on Thursday, August 29th at 9:00 am.  I'm excited and nervous, almost as much as I ever have on my own first day of school.  In a way, it does feel like I'm starting school all over again, from scratch.  But this time I'm the parent who has to support and guide her kiddo, but also know when to step back.  So far, I seem to be doing a fairly good job of balancing this, but this is school.... and I love school.  I remember my own Kindergarten teacher fondly to this day, and I truly hope that Boo can get off to a good and friendly start to his own school career.

So, peace to you all and may exciting new adventures be on the horizon.

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